about myself

  • I'm Sam Wilson, a dev living in Austin, Texas. The calligraphy on the office whiteboards is my fault. Pumped on dodgeball.
  • I have one wife and two kids and one licky dog. Most definitely this dog has issues.

involving my code

  • My day job is mainly Angular work, a lot of what I do is try to find time to stay knowledgeable in areas which I find more interesting like React and WebAssembly.
  • I work at Aceable where I am in charge of the Web app. Our software teaches kids to drive and folks how to become a Real Estate agent. I like to learn about how our customers use our product. I am happy when they are successful.
  • My real name is Jeremy. My grandmother just called me Sam so much I thought it was my name. She did this to spite my father who chose and liked the name Jeremy.
  • I started app development at a concierge kiosk startup in 2001. My Flash interface was in local news footage. I was over the moon. My mom cared but no one else really did.

    Near the end a sales guy came up to me and said, in the context of a huge contract for becoming a data provider, "Hey I told Lycos we know XML. Do we?"

  • In 2004 I transitioned from Flash to JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. At the time ExpressionEngine was a big deal, so I worked a lot in that. About then years later I was added to their small remote team, EllisLab. There is something to be said for the pocket cultures within the tech and design space.

of a random kind

  • In my early twenties, when I'd stay up developing all night, I'd go to Wendy's afterwards, around 12:30am, and eat some burgers. For over a year I did this. One day I was doing pull-ups and passed out. I looked healthy but wasn't. It was then I became a vegetarian for several years.

on creative habits

  • Making a creative activity easy-as-possible to do means that I'll do it more often. It's why I love calligraphy. It's easy to do something cool quickly.
  • Cooking, especially baking, is something I really enjoy and a creative outlet. My best cookies involve sage and apricot.
  • My happy space is Figure 8 coffee shop, and not just because I'm addicted to three espressos per diem. Which I totally am.

about my softer side

  • Growing up in a small town in Kentucky, most folks were extremely friendly. I moved to Pittsburgh and experienced that culture shock. However I came out of Pittsburgh with crucial friendships and experiences that I can't imagine missing out on.
  • The way my children look at me reminds me that any successes I might have must be aligned with their development. A parent can win, but not alone.
  • To my detriment, I find it hard to dislike people even if they are habitually negative toward me. When someone acts against me, staying distant is like keeping a beachball underwater. Perhaps relatedly I hate "selling" things to people. It's an area I'd like to improve.


  • I suffered daily headaches as a child. These headaches could make me throw up. Out of necessity, I knelt down similar to how a toddler naps. I'd put my forehead on the ground and would then visualize my pain as a red syrupy substance leaving the front of my head through a small hole, draining down into the Earth. It took about 20 minutes and then I felt better.
  • The sun makes me sneeze, this is called Photic Sneeze Reflex. I don't think of it as a problem though, sneezing rules.
  • My escape hatch for insomnia is a book on pop chemistry on my iPad. When I can't sleep I break it open. Three to ten paragraphs in and it's Snoozington.
  • When I was 4 years old, I got a Suzuki JR 50 with training wheels. I didn't die on it, but I did get a scar on my leg that looked like the parallel grill marks on a burger.

on my recreation

  • Exercise is underrated. Training from Jhonphillip Yonan (not a misspelling) gave me back the command of my body.
  • I broke my wrist skateboarding down a long hill in Glasgow, Kentucky. This was a hard way to learn about the power of the long tail.
  • I captain a dodgeball team called Throwbocop and we play in the Austin Social Sports League.
  • I am not Sam, but I go by that name and I make sites. Thanks for visiting my site.